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Principal’s Message

Our school currently serves 1 second grade student and is operated by Sweetwater School District #2. There is 1 teacher at the school who is dedicated to creating a positive, rich educational experience for the students and serving the students' unique academic, physical, social, and emotional needs. 
The school is located on the Thoman Ranch which is on land that is in both Sweetwater and Lincoln Counties near the Fontenelle Dam on the Green River; and that is high desert surrounded by the Rocky Mountains. The winters are long, the precipitation is low; and the vegetation is dominated by sagebrush and grasses which host herds of free roaming antelope.
The school was established over 50 years ago, prompted by the need for children to receive a public education while remaining on the Thoman Ranch. The Thoman family is highly involved in school events; and expresses pride for this school and for its unique history. We welcome inquiries about the unique partnership between the Thoman family and the school district.
Thoman Ranch School Staff