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District looks to improve emergency notification communications

Working with the student information system, Infinite Campus, school district #2 is hoping to improve communications to parents, staff, students and community. Based on a trial using Green River High School, the district found that communications efforts could be most effective and timely if parents were able to receive text messages in emergency situations. 


In order to receive text messages on cellular devices, parents must allow Infinite Campus that capability. According to Superintendent Donna Little Kaumo, "We have found that in our communications efforts via e-mail that many parents do not regularly monitor personal e-mail accounts; as a result communications aren't always as timely as we would like." 


Today during the lockdown drill, the text massage read, "Green River High School is currently conducting a LOCKDOWN DRILL. Please do not approach the building until further notice." When the drill was completed another brief text went out stating that the drill was complete and that the building was back to normal operations. The idea is that in a real emergency, communications would be shared in this regard. 


To use this capability, parents need to allow Infinite Campus to send the information to their cell phones.

Below are the directions which will also appear on the parent portal: 

  1. Enter the Infinite Campus Parent Portal
  2. Click on Contact Preferences under User Account in the left index.
  3. Click the Text (SMS) box for each phone and type of notification on which you would like to receive text messages.


The district and buildings look to significantly increase the number of parents who access to this communication method.